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Public Engagement with Science

Cultivating tomorrow's Biostatisticians: Unveiling pathways to success through Public Engagement with Science sessions

On Friday the second of February 2024, the DELTAS Africa SSACAB II program hosted a dynamic Public Engagement with Science Biostatistics session at the Wits School Of Public Health Auditorium, alongside a valuable career guidance initiative. The primary objective of the event was to spotlight biostatistics as a compelling career path, paving the way for the emergence of future African Biostatistics Research Leaders across MSc, PhD, and Postdoctoral levels.

Eighty people attended the event; learners from Rand Girls High School and Parktown Boys' High School, alongside BHSc students, graciously supported by the Wits School Of Public Health and Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division dedicated staff members.

Mr. Mlungisi Mpetshwa, the Community and Public Engagement Manager, who organised the PES event expressed profound gratitude to the Principal Biostatisticians who delivered insightful and inspiring presentations. The speakers, including Prof. Tobias Chirwa, (Head of School of Public Health, Prof. Eustasius Musenge (Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division and Co-Director of DELTAS Africa SSACAB II programme), Dr. Ezeh Juliet Okechinyere Achilonu, (Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division) and Prof. Latifat Ibisomi (Head of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division), addressed crucial topics such as the history of the DELTAS Africa SSACAB II program, the practical applications of biostatistics in public health, essential competencies for biostatisticians/data scientists, and the diverse applications of biostatistics across various healthcare domains. Their contributions provided invaluable insights for aspiring biostatisticians. A lively question-and-answer format infused the PES event with energy, as students eagerly participated to earn DELTAS Africa SSACAB II branded incentives. The palpable enthusiasm among students underscored the engaging nature of the event.

Through a blend of informative discussions and interactive engagement, the Public Engagement with Science event epitomizes the DELTAS Africa SSACAB program's dedication to nurturing academic inquisitiveness and fostering professional growth through the lens of biostatistics. As evidenced by the accompanying images, this event serves as a testament to the significant partnerships forged between academia and community engagement, laying the groundwork for impactful collaborations and scholarly endeavours.